The Risk of Coronavirus Exposure and Infection During Secure Transportation Operations Requires Enhanced Prevention Solutions

by Joe Autera

As has been the case for more than four decades, it is common, and certainly in times of crisis, that professional security drivers and other protection practitioners have relied on us as their trusted advisors for guidance on how to best manage evolving risks that impact their secure transportation operations and the principals they protect;  first it was our predecessor the Scotti School, and for the past 17 years, the Vehicle Dynamics Institute (VDI).

The Coronavirus Pandemic is the most recent example.

VDI received numerous inquiries from our corporate, high net worth family office, and government clientele around the world seeking advice on how to best manage the risk of their principals being exposed to COVID-19 while moving by vehicle.

Those familiar with us know that we would not offer unfounded opinions or half-hearted solutions to address this risk.  Instead, we set about the task with adherence to our philosophy of only providing accurate, science-based facts and guidance.

Seeking to add to the information we already had about vehicle hygiene, the VDI team tapped our network of experts to develop simple, effective guidelines for reducing the risk of exposure to micro-organisms in vehicles.

Part of what we learned from our research on this subject is that cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing are three distinct processes best treated using specific protocols.  Furthermore, they are most effective when performed at specific intervals and following recommended techniques.

We have compiled those recommendations in VDI’s Guidelines for Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Sanitizing Executive Vehicles.

 Due to the gravity of the virus risk, VDI is making this information available to the entire security community so those in need will have essential tools with which to protect their principals and themselves.

A PDF version of the Guidelines for Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitizing Executive Vehicles is available by clicking the link below.


PSC member Joe Autera is President & CEO of Vehicle Dynamics Institute.   He has served as Protective Services Manager and Director of Security for a multi-national technology concern, Vice President of Global Security for a leading provider of full spectrum risk management services to corporations, family offices, and NGO’s. In the formative years of the Department of Homeland Security, he served as a consultant on a variety of anti-terrorism programs. He founded Vehicle Dynamics Institute in 2003 to carry forward the training methodology and philosophy of Tony Scotti, the originator of security related evasive driver training.  He is a member of the Protective Security Council Advisory Council.  732 738-5221 [email protected]   

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