10 Things You Can Do Today To Grow Your Security Business

by Kent Moyer

In my coaching business I hear clients cite many of the same problems and needlessly struggle to find answers. As you read through this list imagine what your security business would look like today if one year ago you had done these 10 things.

  1. Take control of your time. Most business people find it difficult to maintain disciplined time management. Even if you have a well-planned day, the inevitable torrent of phone calls, texts, and emails can be a constant distraction and disrupter of your plan. I suggest setting times of the day at which you will deal with calls, texts, and emails perhaps at the beginning of the day, midday, or at end of day. Discipline yourself to ignore these distractions at other times during the day unless it is an emergency. Be selfish with your time and stay in your PRODUCTIVE ZONE!
  2. Create a life and business map for the year. Once a week look at your goals and do something to move each area of your life and business forward. Find ways to close the gap in your goals and create massive action.
  3. Get organized before meeting with employees, clients, and partners. Trying to wing it in a meeting is a waste of everybody’s time and probably won’t produce any results. As a business coach, part of my job is to help my clients develop ideas and actions that will take them to the next level. Each client is different so I must set aside plenty of time in advance of every session for preparation. As a result, the meetings are focused on specific issues and achievement steps.
  4. Stop making excuses. Go for an entire week without giving your clients, employees, partners, stockholders, spouse, children, coach, or anyone else, an excuse for why something didn’t happen or get done. I hear excuses often in my early contact with coaching clients. If you are constantly making excuses, then you either have not made full commitment to building and growing your business, or you are in the wrong business.
  5. Learn how to gather, read, and interpret financial information about your business. Poor financial management is one of the leading causes of business failure. I suggest that you have your bookkeeper, accountant, or finance person give you a weekly dashboard of your financial condition. Go over it with them or get with someone else who can help you understand the numbers. Your great strategy and precision tactics are worthless if you are not in command of your finances.
  6. Take action to put your dreams into action. Do something. Don’t become paralyzed by the lack of action. You must break through that barrier.
  7. Surround yourself with people who are better at things than you. Even if you can do everything, you can’t do everything better than everyone else and still run your business. And get rid of all those negative people, friends, and partners, who criticize you, talk bad about you, or are just plain negative people. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, or that you will not succeed. Tolerating negative people is a disease, but it can be cured.
  8. Put structure into your company and life. The “anything goes” and “let’s just wing it” approaches don’t work. Put together a methodical plan and work your plan. The plan can change and that’s OK, but you first must have one.
  9. Take the long view. Success comes from hard work not quick fixes. Overnight success is a myth. Sure, you may get what to others might look like a lucky break but more likely it will be the result of the years of 50-60 hour work weeks that preceded your good fortune. Every day that you wait makes the journey that much longer. Get going NOW!
  10. Get a coach. Business owners have both a strong will and ego; traits that helped them get started, and sometimes the very same traits that hold them back. A coach can objectively help you get to the next level. A lot of CEO’s think they don’t need a coach, or just try it for a few sessions and then stop. The most successful CEO’s have long-term coaches. Even the best coaches have coaches!


Kent Moyer is the founder of Kent Moyer International, a Life & Business coaching company, and the founder and owner of The World Protection Group where he is responsible for overall direction and growth of the organization and overseeing daily operations. He actively works with clients and security personnel to incorporate a philosophy of proactive, preventative security and attention to customer service. He is a respected authority on executive protection and threat management; managing hundreds of threat cases for high profile corporate and individual clients.  www.KentMoyer.com


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