Beware the Obamacare Syndrome

by Michael Nossaman

Do you have an idea to improve efficiency, cut costs, increase revenue, or expand?  Think it’s such a good idea that it will work flawlessly and everyone will hail you the conquering hero?

no-14The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, is a good example of how to really foul-up something and do more harm than good, even if the original idea had merit.

Think you’re immune to the Obamacare Syndrome?   There is no vaccination against it, or a cure.  Avoidance is the only way to prevent it.

Here are some common symptoms:

Ill conceived
It’s a one-size-fits-all plan to achieve multiple objectives or problem solutions.

Poorly constructed
The idea is handed to a homogenous committee without any guidelines or oversight.  From there it snowballs, gathers a lot of rubble, and ends up a hodgepodge of bits and pieces that don’t fit together.

Fumbled execution
Processes and procedures are slow to be designed and not tested so no one knows if it will be ready or work by the deadline.

Not communicated
Because those who created it believe it is a good idea, and convinced it will work, there is no need to explain it to anyone else.

Doesn’t apply to everyone
There is a special group that is exempt.

Nearly everybody hates it
They won’t buy in.  They resist it, ignore it or, sabotage it.

It won’t be changed
Changing it might be viewed as weakness or incompetence, or starting over would cost too much.

Unintended consequences
This is a complication of ignoring all the other symptoms.

The Obamacare Syndrome is infectious and contagious.  The only way to prevent a debilitating or even fatal case of it is to avoid the situations and behavior that expose you.


Michael Nossaman is the founder of the Protective Security Council.


Images courtesy of Malan & jamwahid

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Michael Nossaman is the Protective Security Council founder.

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