On becoming a PSC member you will join an exclusive group of peers who have a genuine and serious interest and intent to learn more, improve job performance, advance their career, contribute to the industry, and at the highest level of competency, serve the people and organizations that have entrusted them with their security.

PSC membership is open to any individual with an interest in these goals and principles.

Annual membership is $49.00

Member Advantages, Privileges, and Benefits

No other organization has more opportunities for members to contribute, participate, share, learn, and gain.

The List. The PSC Member Directory is your data-rich member profile of your skills, knowledge, experience, and accomplishments that is viewable by other PSC members and prospective employers and clients.

“PSC Exchange.” Our Members Only Facebook discussion group to discuss specific issues, explore solutions, and problem solving.

“PSC Guardian.” Your source for security industry news, special announcements, and offerings.

“PSC Business.” Your digital source for business announcements, job openings, and business opportunities.

“Security Locator.” The source for prospective security clients to find you.

First Access. You have first access to all articles and special content on the PSC website.

Full Access. You have access to all website content.

PSC Logo. Permission to use the PSC logo.

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Standards of Conduct

As security practitioners, we have a personal and intimate relationship with the people we protect. Therefore, we have a special obligation to conduct ourselves at all times in ways that will pass intensive scrutiny and reflect positively on us personally and the industry.

If we are to earn and maintain the trust of the people we protect and each other, we must perform our duties and fulfill our obligations at a higher standard than others must.

The PSC Core Values set forth how members are obliged to conduct ourselves in the performance of our protective duties, and how we interact with other PSC members. As a condition of membership, all PSC members agree to abide by the PSC Standards of Conduct.

The Core Values are:

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Membership Terms and Conditions

A membership in the PSC is for one individual, and for a 12-month period from the month of membership dues payment. First year membership dues are non-refundable thirty days (30) after payment.  You may cancel your membership in the first thirty days (30) after you first year membership dues payment for a full refund.  After thirty days (30), your membership dues are non-refundable.  Renewal membership dues are non-refundable.

There are additional conditions of membership that stipulate permissions and prohibitions of membership. As a condition of membership, all PSC members agree to abide by the PSC Terms and Conditions.

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