Fostering business and employment opportunities is an important benefit for the PSC community and a valuable FREE resource for security consumers.

Need a security professional?  Do you have a security contract RFP?

When you have an employment opening or a contract offering can post it here for FREE.

Here Are The Rules For Posting Employment and Contract Offerings:
o Post only active, legitimate job openings.  Resume collection is prohibited.   We will confirm your listing before posting it.
o Include complete contact information: Name, Company, Telephone, etc.
o Notify the PSC when your listing expires.

How To Submit A Job Offering
Below is a list of questions you should answer when submitting your posting. The decision to post any offering is at the sole discretion of the PSC.

Submit it using a text program readable with Microsoft Word.

Submit your listing to:mailto:[email protected]

Write “PSC Job Offering” in email subject line.


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o Job Description:
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o Skills Required:
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o Compensation:
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o Other Information:
o Company Description
o How to respond to listing:
o Who to respond to: (Include contact information)
o Reply by: (Date)

Source Contact
Name and contact information of person submitting the listing.  All info is required for PSC internal use and will not be published in your listing without your permission.
o Name
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o Address/City/State/Postal Code
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o Company website

Contact PSC if you need more information about submitting a listing.