A Tale of Two Attacks

September 6, 2016 tonyscotti 0

An Objective Look at Recent Vehicle Ambushes. Just how important is it for a Protective Detail Leader or Security Manager to be able to recognize the indicators and warnings associated with various threats and understand […]

What is the PSC

May 9, 2011 tonyscotti 1

Since I have been talking up the Protective Security Council Conference (PSC) in the social media, I have been asked, “What is the PSC and what about this ‘new’ conference?”  First, the PSC is an […]

The Security Driver Triangle

June 30, 2010 tonyscotti 1

Getting from point A to point B safely and securely requires the interaction between the driver, the vehicle and the environment they drive through. THE DRIVER, THE MACHINE, and THE ENVIRONMENT is called the Security […]