Taking an inclusive and cerebral approach to developing security risk management systems

October 19, 2017 Paul Mercer 0

Before jumping into a one size fits all, military type approach to security mitigation and system design – which depends on a standard, costly combination of physical security, technology and in many cases armed security personnel – let’s blow the dust off the Security Risk Analysis (SRA) discussed in Part 1 of this series and consider how else to mitigate the security risks identified. […]

Security Risk Analysis of Hostile Environments

September 12, 2017 Paul Mercer 1

For companies operating in hostile environments, corporate security has historically been a source of confusion and often outsourced to specialised consultancies at significant cost. Of itself, that’s not an inappropriate approach, but the problems arises […]

Managing a Cross-Cultural Security Force

June 20, 2017 Mehdi007 0

During the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, the United States Army conducted research on cultural differences and identified the following cultural dynamics: relationship to time, relationship vs. task orientation, relationship to authority, face saving behavior, and […]

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