We are not in this on our own, we can help each other respond in our professional capacity to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sharing Is a way to do that.

In fact, when asked why they joined the PSC, a majority of members included comments such as “sharing,” “helping others,” and “contributing” to the profession” in their response.

Now is the time and opportunity.

At the end of this message is a starter list of questions about the impact and response to COVID-19.

It is not a comprehensive list, merely a kick start.

Anything you can offer may aid others in devising responses and solutions to challenges and problems we have not seen in our lifetime.

Feel free to include other questions, suggestions, and comments.

The objective is to compile and disseminate as much information and advice as possible that the entire community can access and use.

You do not need to answer all the questions or comment only once.  This an ongoing effort; you can add comments as often as you want.

The product of this effort will be posted on this website and disseminated in other channels on an ongoing basis.

You do not need to be a PSC member to contribute; everyone is invited to participate.

There is a PDF version of this message and the questions you can print for easy reference. Click here.

Please send your comments to: [email protected]

Or comment in the Reply box below



What have you done in response to state mandated “stay-home” restrictions?

Has your business or workload increased or decreased?

Is your company hiring security staff or laying-off?

Have you lost any jobs or had jobs canceled?

How are employees and colleagues reacting to infection risk?

What are you doing to sustain operations?

What fiscal impact is this having on you personally or your business?

What new disease prevention methods have you deployed?

Has your security operation changed?  How?

What are you doing new or different?

What are you doing more or less of?

What is your biggest challenge?

What are you doing to protect yourself, colleagues, and your family?

In general, how has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you and your operations, what are you doing to mitigate the effect, is there damage done or are you in greater demand, and so on.




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