As security practitioners, we have a personal and intimate relationship with the people we protect. Therefore, we have a special obligation to conduct ourselves at all times in ways that will pass intensive scrutiny and reflect positively on us personally and the industry.

If we are to earn and maintain the trust of the people we protect and each other, we must perform our duties and fulfill our obligations at a higher standard than others must.

The PSC Core Values set forth how members of the PSC community are obliged to conduct ourselves in the performance of our protective duties, and how we interact with others.

The Core Values are:


The PSC Standards of Conduct are specific so as not to be ambiguous yet broad enough to cover situational differences.

The PSC Standards of Conduct are not aspirational; they are affirmative. There is no prerequisite to implementation, it requires only the choice and decision to uphold and abide by them.

As a condition of membership in the PSC community you agree to abide by the following Standards of Conduct.


Respect and uphold the laws and regulations that govern the security industry and encourage all other stakeholders to do so as well.

Respect the rights of every individual and seek to protect those rights.

Respect employees and co-workers and treat them fairly and equitably.

Respect the uniqueness and intrinsic worth of every individual.

Respect that others may have diverse opinions and ideas and have the right to express them without retribution.

Never demean, defame, or disparage any colleague, employee, employer, competitor, or any other person whether public or private in any form or manner.

Respect your own or client organization at all times and in every way that reflects positively on the organization.

Avoid taking unfair advantage of another person or organization through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts, or any other unfair practice.


Maintain and protect the privacy and confidentiality of all information including information held by others under your control.

Protect confidential information even after provision of services has ended, whether by contract or employment.

Confidential information shall not be used for undue personal gain or benefit.

Confidential information shall not be released to third parties without prior written authorization except when disclosure is required by legal authority.


Recognize and acknowledge that in deed and word that your first responsibility is to the people you work with and protect.

Treat all people fairly and with dignity regardless of their position, status, situation, and circumstance.

Protecting people takes precedence over personal benefit and gain or business profit.

Actively and impartially, encourage access to opportunities to others in your organization and the profession.

Remain mission-focused at all times.


At all times, and in every deed, avoid conflict of interest.

Promptly and completely disclose to appropriate parties all potential and actual conflict of interest.

Always practice full-disclosure of all facts and information known in an objective and unbiased form and manner.

Be truthful in every form of interaction with all people.

Accept only employment, engagements, and contracts you are qualified to undertake.

Accurately and completely present the extent and limits of your skills, competence, experience, training and education, and credentials.

Be honest and forthcoming in all matter of business and employment.

Negotiate in good faith and provide all information material to employment and contracts.

Adhere to and uphold the laws of your jurisdiction that govern the rights of all people you serve or employ.

Provide all others with all the necessary information to make informed decisions.


Take ownership and responsibility for all your words and deeds. Model and encourage others to do so as well.

Never unduly blame others.

Give credit to those others who have earned it.

Never take personal credit for the work, performance, accomplishments, and contributions of others.

Fulfill all obligations and promises made to others both written and oral.

Do not conceal or cover-up any violation of laws, regulations, rules, policies or practices governing performance of your duties or obligations, or any such violations of others.

Perform all duties with objectivity, due diligence, and care.

Hold foremost the interest of the people in your organization and others you serve.

Faithfully execute all your duties.

Never use your position for undue personal gain or allow others to do so.


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