Protecting People

Protecting People is the reason the PSC exists.  Capturing all the various practical aspects of protecting people requires a wide net with a thin mesh. With that understanding, there are few if any security topics that are outside the PSC scope.

Collaborative Learning, Exploration, And Application Of Efficient And Effective Security.

As a collaborative effort, the PSC reflects the needs of security community members as they express them. It is not a top down organization. Every member has an equal opportunity to contribute and participate in every PSC activity and function.  PSC activities encompass content sharing, communication, and contact among members designed to equip and assist them in delivering the highest quality of service to the people they protect.

Likewise, learning is not limited only to security measures and practices now known and available, but includes exploring – and even experimenting – new methods and approaches. Not just the practical aspects of security measures but also how security services are delivered, be it through a contract or in-house.


As security practitioners, we have a personal and intimate relationship with the people we protect. Therefore, we have a special obligation to conduct ourselves at all times in ways that will pass intensive scrutiny and reflect positively on us personally and the industry.

If we are to earn and maintain the trust of the people we protect and each other, we must perform our duties and fulfill our obligations at a higher standard than others must.

The PSC Core Values set forth how members are obliged to conduct ourselves in the performance of our duties, and how we interact with other PSC members. They are the pillars of the PSC Standards of Conduct.


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