History The Protective Security Council evolved from the Protective Security Conferences, occasional gatherings of security professionals who shared a need for information and tools to protect their people and their organizations.  Many of the conference participants expressed their desire to expand this resource and contact with each other between the annual events.

Philosophy We believe that the maintenance of organizational resilience – the dynamic and continuous task that assures continuity of operations – is what enables organizations to effectively and advantageously maneuver, grow, and capture new business opportunities in the competitive marketplace. The PSC places the value of people in the resilience equation at the highest level of importance because without people first, the organization cannot function, regardless the weight of the more fungible physical, information, and technology assets.  Simply stated, people are your most important and valuable asset and contribute more than all other assets and resources of the organization combined.

Purpose The purpose of the PSC is “Protecting People.”  We define protective security as the organized system of defensive measures instituted and maintained at all levels of the organization with the aim of achieving and maintaining security: the freedom from fear and danger. We mean all the people: from the boardroom to the mailroom, from down the hall to around the world; at every level and location, and includes all an organization’s stakeholders: employees, suppliers, shareholders, customers, and communities.

Mission Our mission is to provide a collaborative environment and mechanisms so security professionals can freely interact with each other in a variety of ways; access high-level, in-depth information about the strategies, tactics, and tools; learn and explore new ways to deliver efficient and effective security.

Scope The scope of the PSC spans a substantial range of security measures, functions, and business practices classified in three broad categories:

Executive Services is based on the Four Pillars of Protection: Risk, Intelligence, Advance, and Location; and addresses the protective needs of corporate executives, deployed personnel, high net worth individuals, dignitaries, and celebrities.

Operations & Management encompasses issues related to protecting an organization’s larger immediate and extended populations: employees, suppliers, shareholders, customers, and communities.

Education & Training addresses contemporary subjects of security research, education, and training.

Functions The PSC strives to provide the security community with the content, contact, and collaboration needed to operate successfully in today’s highly complex and rapidly changing global security environment: network access to others, face-to-face events and education sessions, and various forms of online resources and information.

The PSC is dedicated to serving the needs of security practitioners, allied product and service providers, and security consumers who have a need and interest in these critical security issues and tasks.

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