Below is a list of PSC membership features some of which on their own would be worth the price of membership. Indeed, no other organization has more opportunities for members to contribute, participate, share, learn, and gain.  However, a list of features never completely expresses the real value of membership, the intangible value of all the features.

You are joining a networked global community with a stake in protecting people and doing so by improving their own capability. As a member of this network, along with the “feature” tools the PSC provides, you have a unique ability to increase your security IQ, access some of the brightest leaders working today, share your own knowledge and experience, advance your career, and contribute to improving the industry and profession.

The List
“The List” is your data-rich member profile that is viewable –if you choose – by all other PSC members and prospective employers and clients. Click here to view the printable PSC application to see all details that you can include in your profile in the PSC Member Directory.  You create your own profile of skills, knowledge, experience, and accomplishments.  Viewers can search and find you by skills and location.  You alone are in complete control of the information included in your profile and can select what, if any, you want to make public.

“PSC Exchange”
The “PSC Exchange” is a discussion group for members only to discuss specific issues, explore solutions, and problem solving.

“Direct Line”
“Direct Line” is the digital channel through which you can communicate directly and privately with any other PSC members.

“PSC Business”
Routed through the PSC, members can submit business announcements, job openings, business opportunities, and news that will broadcast to the entire membership. Members and non-members can submit jobs and opportunities, but only PSC members have access to them.

“Security Locator”
Viewable by security users in need of services, only members enjoy this high visibility exposure on the PSC website.

“PSC Guardian”
As a member, you’ll stay up to date about security industry news, special announcements, and offerings through the members only digital newsletter, the “PSC Guardian.”

First Access
You have first access to all articles and special content on the PSC website. You are the first to know.

Full Access
You have access to all website content. Some content is members only and some is available to the public, but PSC members always get it first.

Research Projects
The opportunity to participate in security industry and membership research, surveys, and studies conducted by the PSC, and access to all reports and findings.

Security Advocacy
The opportunity to contribute and participate in PSC advocacy projects to protect, advance, and improve the security industry.

Member Pricing
Member pricing for all PSC events and special offerings. This alone will return the cost of your membership.

PSC Logo
Permission to use the PSC logo, a members only privilege.