Should We Talk or Just Kill Each Other?

June 19, 2017 PSC 0

One reaction to the attempted killing spree during the U.S. Congress intramural baseball practice is a call for civil discourse. Public nastiness is now common and accepted. Left unchecked, murder may become a common way […]

Security Budgets May Get Clipped Again

June 22, 2016 PSC 0

Low inflation and low interest rates constrain price increases, yet salary and wages, and health care costs continue to rise above the level of inflation. It is a bottom line squeeze. […]

Is Taking Risk Worth The Money?

February 19, 2014 PSC 0

Do you ever feel like character in a Geico commercial? “A security risk assessment will help reduce the chance of loss.” “Everybody knows that.” “Well, did you know that many CEOs don’t think of risk […]


November 16, 2012 PSC 0

PRINCIPAL PROTECTION; Lessons Learned The Evolution of Protective Operations by R.E. “Rick” Colliver Available now from Varro Press Protection, like any other process, is evolutionary. And we should agree that a large part of any […]

Leadership in Executive Protection

March 8, 2012 PSC 6

What is leadership today? What has happened to the so called leaders of the industry? Who really makes the decisions that affects the lives of the people that we protect? Has the profession sold out? […]

What is the PSC

May 9, 2011 PSC 0

Since I have been talking up the Protective Security Council Conference (PSC) in the social media, I have been asked, “What is the PSC and what about this ‘new’ conference?”  First, the PSC is an […]