Managing a Cross-Cultural Security Force

June 20, 2017 PSC 0

During the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, the United States Army conducted research on cultural differences and identified the following cultural dynamics: relationship to time, relationship vs. task orientation, relationship to authority, face saving behavior, and […]

Should We Talk or Just Kill Each Other?

June 19, 2017 PSC 0

One reaction to the attempted killing spree during the U.S. Congress intramural baseball practice is a call for civil discourse. Public nastiness is now common and accepted. Left unchecked, murder may become a common way […]

Beware the Obamacare Syndrome

September 10, 2016 PSC 0

Do you have an idea to improve efficiency, cut costs, increase revenue, or expand?  Think it’s such a good idea that it will work flawlessly and everyone will hail you the conquering hero? The Patient […]

A Tale of Two Attacks

September 6, 2016 PSC 0

An Objective Look at Recent Vehicle Ambushes. Just how important is it for a Protective Detail Leader or Security Manager to be able to recognize the indicators and warnings associated with various threats and understand […]

Security Budgets May Get Clipped Again

June 22, 2016 PSC 0

Low inflation and low interest rates constrain price increases, yet salary and wages, and health care costs continue to rise above the level of inflation. It is a bottom line squeeze. […]

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